Survivor Testimonies

In 2013, CAR published the digital version of The Armenian Genocide: Testimonies of the Eyewitness Survivors, the work of author, ethnographer and folklorist Verjiné Svazlian. This initiative is a collection of folk-lore relics, memoirs, testimonies and songs by various Armenians who were forcibly exiled during the Armenian Genocide and eventually repatriated to Armenia.

The following Testimonies have been gathered, published and made available to you thanks to the relentless efforts of Dr. Prof. Verjine Svazlian, who’s undying efforts throughout the past decades has guaranteed that the voices, stories and songs of survivors would not be forgotten.

We thank Dr. Prof. Verjine Svazlian for allowing us to display the digitized version of The Armenian Genocide. Testimonies of the Eye-Witness Survivors for public view, and invite you to read each survivor’s testimony below.

© Copyright - Verjine Svazlian

Dr. Prof., Leading Researcher

Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography,

National Academy of Sciences, Armenia




Publication:       Verjine Svazlian, The Armenian Genocide. Testimonies of the Eye-Witness Survivors (Yerevan: Gitutyun Publishing, 2000).


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