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The Takrir – Memoranda sent by the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople to the Ottoman Minister of Justice in 1911

The Takrir Sent by the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople to the     Ottoman Minister of Justice, Constantinople, February 14, 1911* The Armenian Patriarchate submitted numerous reports to the Ottoman government during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, informing it of the precarious living conditions in the central and eastern provinces and the many abuses Armenian […] Read More

‘Rescued and Safe’ Armenian Orphans and the Experience of Genocide

“‘Rescued and Safe:’ Armenian Orphans and the Experience of Genocide” The decision taken by the Young Turk authorities in the spring of 1915 to expel the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire set into motion a state-sponsored plan that not only resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Armenians. It completely eradicated the Armenian […] Read More

Armenian Catholicos Khrimian Letter to Nicholas II

Armenian Catholicos Khrimian to Nicholas II,                                                                                   Echmiadzin, July 1, 1904* Mkrtich Khrimian (1820-1907) was one of the most prominent ecclesiastical figures of the Armenian national movement of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries. Khrimian, in his capacity as the Armenian patriarch of […] Read More