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History affects everyone. Everyone affects history. The Armenians massacred in the Genocide of 1915 made history. It was a tragic chapter, but one that must be remembered.

Their memories, stories, sacrifices and experiences bring a voice to a never ending struggle to prevent crimes against humanity.

Remembrance is not an easy task. At the Center for Armenian Remembrance (C.A.R.), we strive to preserve Armenian history by remembering our past and crafting our future. Through our dynamic websites and an abundance of information on News, Bibliographies, Publications, and Archival Photographs, among others, we share insights, documents, archives, and most importantly, perspective.

We at C.A.R. would like to work with you to ensure that history is not forgotten and that this work continues.

Everyone affects history, and you can too. We’d like to help you access and experience what’s provided, and more. Help us to continue to remember our history, and create an online network of ground breaking work.

Please donate today, or better yet, become an annual member of the Center for Armenian Remembrance (C.A.R.).

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