About CAR

About CAR

The Center for Armenian Remembrance (CAR) is a non-profit 501(c) organization dedicated to preserving Armenian history by remembering our past and crafting our future through archives, publications and various interactive means.

Our website contains an abundance of information on Armenian History, News, Bibliographies, Testimonies, Publications, Archival Photographs and Historical Documents to name a few. We maintain three websites, which include centerar.org, the 1915Club, and CAR News.

In 2010, CAR began a cutting edge and first of its kind project which seeks to rebuild a Timeless and Virtual Armenia on the internet. This interactive website is designed to allow members worldwide the ability to add text, photos and much more to our growing database; creating a dynamic online community for remembrance. The site allows users to add family photos, stories, and experiences, related to the cities, towns, and villages that Armenians once called home in Anatolia.

Along with our main website, CAR also maintains a news site that publishes the best current articles on the web related to Armenians and significant news impacting the Armenian world. The news updated on a daily basis reaches over 80 different countries.

Armenian Genocide Bibliography

In 2012, CAR digitized the first complete Armenian Genocide Bibliography, covering literary publications on the Armenian Genocide. Bibliographer Eddie Yeghiayan, Ph.D., has gathered a vast and extensive library of material on the Armenian Genocide, providing copious notes and details on the major works that have dealt with the destruction of the Armenians during World War I. This library of information seeks to help us gain a better grasp of the thousands of publications covering the genocide. The bibliography is available to the public and fully searchable.


In 2013, CAR published the digital version of The Armenian Genocide: Testimonies of the Eyewitness Survivors, the work of author, ethnographer and folklorist Verjiné Svazlian. This initiative is a collection of folk-lore relics, memoirs, testimonies and songs by various Armenians who were forcibly exiled during the Armenian Genocide and eventually repatriated to Armenia.


CAR has successfully published 10 books, with the most recent being Pro Armenia: Jewish Responses to the Armenian Genocide. Other publications include Vahan Cardashian: Advocate Extraordinaire for the Armenian Cause, The Case of Misak Torlakian, The Case of Soghomon Tehlirian, Raphael Lemkin’s Dossier on the Armenian Genocide, British Reports on Ethnic Cleansing in Anatolia, 1919-1922: The Armenian-Greek Section, British Foreign Office Dossiers on Turkish War Criminals and many more.


CAR commissions extensive research in Paris, London, Vienna, Aleppo, the USA and Armenia. As a result, we maintain over 1,000,000 original, digitally reproduced and preserved historical documents, and have undertaken a project to publish them for our viewers.

Documentaries / Special Events

CAR has sponsored international documentaries such as , a German 2010 documentary film (German: Aghet – Ein Völkermord) written and directed by Eric Friedler on the Armenian Genocide by the Young Turk government of the Turkish Ottoman Empire during World War I.

CAR has also sponsored the documentary “Screamers” which concerns atrocities such as the Jewish Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur.

CAR co-sponsored the “Never Again” project which held the first of a series of concerts on November 1, 2011 featuring legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder.

We have also organized many lectures along with book signing events concerning many different speakers and writers.

To achieve these goals and continue the great work which CAR has already undertaken, we look to the support of the community. We invite you to make a tax deductible donation to the “Center for Armenian Remembrance (CAR)” so that we can continue to fund research, publications, digitization, and education of the community.

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