The Takrir – Memoranda sent by the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople to the Ottoman Minister of Justice in 1911


Remembrance Library

Designed to allow users to add their own media for Armenian remembrance, this library features historical documents, archives, photographs, audio, video and much more


CAR has successfully published 10 books, with the most recent being Pro Armenia: Jewish Responses to the Armenian Genocide. Our bestsellers include The Case of Misak Torlakian, The Case of Soghomon Tehlirian, and Raphael Lemkin’s Dossier on the Armenian Genocide

Documentaries / Special Events

CAR has sponsored international documentaries, lectures and book signing events in various cities. The “Never Again” project held the first of a series of concerts in November 2011 featuring legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder. Stay tuned for future events!


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Our Projects


A documentary film on the Armenian Genocide committed by the Young Turk government and Germany


Author Verjiné Svazlian’s collection of folk-lore relics, memoirs, testimonies and songs by Armenian Genocide survivors and repatriates


A vast and extensive library of material on the Armenian Genocide providing copious notes and details of the major works written on that time period

A virtual cutting edge project designed to rebuild historical Armenia through user uploads